Technical SEO Website Audit Service

technical SEO website audit Is your website underperforming and you need to know why? You find it hard to rank for your target keywords?

Order our SEO website audit service and help your website boost its performance and rankings today! One of our coding experts will perform a thorough and manual, technical SEO audit on your website and contact you to go over the findings.

We will audit and test your website for technical aspects like accessibility (Flash and JavaScript navigation, speed/performance, crawler/robot access, robots.txt, robots meta tags, HTTP codes, XML sitemaps, website architecture, e.t.c. ), indexability (indexed vs non indexed, Google penalties, page searches, brand searches e.t.c.), on page ranking factors (URL analysis, content/duplicate content analysis, keyword cannibalism, info architecture, HTML markup, images, outgoing links, title tags, meta tags, other head tags e.t.c.), off page ranking factors (authority, popularity, social engagement, backlink analysis, trustworthiness e.t.c. ) and competition analysis (identify weaknesses and strenghts e.t.c.).